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Who is Jay?

Jay Blouch

Professional Background

Jay offers experience as a proven business leader, entrepreneur and philanthropist within the private and public sectors.  He began his journey in South-central Pennsylvania and completed his higher education at Penn State University. He initially offered a variety of professional, technical and skilled trade labor services to local, regional and nationally-based businesses using his acquired creative and technical skills.  After working for a variety of locally-owned small businesses, his initial success came during his mid-to late 20's when he continued to form and grow a series of his own privately-held companies that began offering professional shared services and products to businesses and consumers - creating his dream of a fully self-sufficient, debt-free conglomerate.

Jay Blouch Messiah College Presentation
Jay Blouch Wins Award

He continued expanding what later became "The BLOCK Company" for the next 25 years, being responsible for staff members, operations and finance for the products and services each entity provides. He helped form and served on boards for various Corporations, Foundations, Associations,  Trusts and Financial subsidiaries managed through the group's parent holding company. These organizations invest and serve emerging markets around the world and raise capital for corporate mergers, acquisitions, land investments, commercial & residential real estate development, urban revitalization, gentrification, historical artifact and information preservation, in addition to numerous non-profit charitable causes.

His 25+ year professional career includes experience in automotive, telecom, wholesale supply, construction, food & beverage, technology, and real estate development. This span includes job roles as a skilled trade laborer, lead supervisor, departmental manager, director, managing partner and C-level officer.  In addition to executive management, corporate ownership and serving on the board of directors, his leadership roles include the responsibility of overseeing operations, supply chain management, sales activity, finance, customer service and technical support.  Along with his corporate interests, Jay enjoys involvement with charitable organizations by volunteering his free time throughout most of his life.

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After earning his Eagle Scout Rank achievement from the Boy Scouts of America in 1998, he served as leader of several planning commissions, community service groups and non-profit associations throughout the areas he resided.  Additionally, he enjoys historical and genealogical research, informational preservation and historic photography related to various local, regional, national and worldwide artifacts as a life-long goal and hobby.


He hopes to offer his clients a value-added, friendly experience with simple, seamless satisfaction when buying or selling real estate. His technical focus and meticulous attention to detail offers a unique experience for buyers, sellers, investors and developers. He achieves this by focusing on a client’s priorities and helping to find the right property in a safe, convenient location.  Jay looks forward to assisting clients with his knowledge of land and improvements, enabling new and existing residents to achieve their goals of property ownership, financial success and personal fulfillment!

Professional Background
My Promise

My Promise

I will do my best to help new and existing buyers or sellers achieve their goals of investing smart in property that best suits their needs along with helping their families, friends and affiliates grow to remain safe and healthy for the future.

"I'm always looking to help first time or experienced  buyers / sellers reach their goals.

Let's connect today and discuss your options!"

- Jay

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About McNeely Realty Group


Company History

McNeely Realty Group was born out of a love for real estate and our community, but also a product of the COVID-19 Pandemic. During this time we were able to focus on what really matters. Like all families, we were spending a lot of time together and began discussing how we wanted the rest of our life to look. Sarah had been working successfully in real estate since 2015 and owning our own real estate brokerage had always been a dream. Now was the time make it a reality. We are so happy you are joining us on this journey to finding you the perfect property or buyer!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to provide exceptional service by delivering a high-quality real estate experience for all clients. We ensure that all clients are treated with dignity and respect. Our goal is to connect buyers and sellers for a successful transaction that meets their individual needs.

Tim McNeely, Broker & Owner
Sarah McNeely, Owner

McNeely Realty Group, Inc.

Tim & Sarah McNeely
Broker Info
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Connect With Jay

Contact Jay to request an existing property showing or schedule a consultation to begin listing your home on the market!

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